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Program on Digitalization of the FPO ecosystem and Interface with Rural /Agri Start-ups

Program on Digitalization of the FPO ecosystem and Interface with Rural /Agri Start-ups

NABARD MABIF along with Bankers Institute of Rural Development (BIRD), Lucknow organized On location Program on Digitalization of the FPO ecosystem and Interface with Rural /Agri Start-ups at MABIF, AC&RI, Madurai from 18th – 20th Dec’23 for the officers and faculty of training institution from Banks / CBBOs / Producer organization & State government officials.

The program covered various important topics related to the digitalization of the FPO ecosystem and the involvement of rural and agricultural startups. Some of the highlighted topics include:

1.Functioning of a Successful RBIC (Rural Business Incubation Centre): Insights shared by the Er. Ganesh Moorthy K, CEO, NABARD MABIF on the successful operation of a Rural Business Incubation Centre.

2.Facilitation of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Copyright, and GI Tagging: Addressed by Ms. Dharani M, AM, MABIF, focusing on the protection of intellectual property, copyright issues, and Geographical Indication (GI) tagging.

3.Experience sharing by Startups facilitated by Incubation Centers’ Role in Digitization of FPOs: MABIF startups, including Rare & Pure specialties Pvt. Ltd, Hermet Nutrix Pvt. Ltd, Southern Masala Pvt. Ltd., Farmrette Pvt. Ltd, and Vibis Honey Pvt. Ltd shared their experiences and facilitated discussions on the digitization of FPOs.

4.Visit to MABIF facilities and Its Industrial Units: Participants visited various industrial units at MABIF, including Animal Feed Production, Milk Processing, Retort Processing, and Chikki Making units.

5.Role of New Technologies through Private Public Participation: The program emphasized the role of new technologies in facilitating startups through private-public participation. Startups like Vibis Honey Pvt. Ltd, Maheesha Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd and others shared their experiences.

6.Export facilitation of FPOs produced through modern technological interventions was discussed: Mr. Shankaran from Frigoscan Technologies addressed the facilitation of FPOs produce exports through the use of modern technological interventions.

Overall, the program aimed to provide insights into the digital transformation of the agricultural sector, with a focus on FPOs and the involvement of startups. The hands-on experience through visits to industrial units and nearby ventures added practical knowledge to the theoretical discussions.

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