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“Parliamentary Standing Committee on Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Visit to NABARD MABIF”

“Parliamentary Standing Committee on Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Visit to NABARD MABIF”

On a momentous occasion, NABARD MABIF had the privilege of hosting a high-profile visit by a distinguished delegation of 9 Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha officials on August 29, 2023, which was chaired by the honourable chairperson of Lok Sabha Smt. Kanimozhi Karunanidhi (MP) and included officials namely, Shri. A.K.P Chinraj (MP), Shri. Rajveer Diler (MP), Shri. Narendra Kumar (MP), Shri. Talari Rangaiah (MP), Smt. Gitaben Vajesingbhai Rathva (MP), Shri. M. Mohamed Abdulla (MP), Shri Naranbhai J. Rathwa (MP), Shri. Ajay Pratap Singh (MP) along with the officials of Lok Sabha secretariat, Shri C. Kalyanasundaram (Director), Shri Sushil Kumar (Committee Officer), Shri Atul Singh (AEO), Shri Sujeet Kumar Singh (PS to Chairperson). Smt. M.S Sangeetha I.A.S, District Collector, Dr. P.P Mahendran, Dean, Agricultural College and Research Institute, TNAU Campus, and Thiru. Subburaj, JDA (i/c), of Madurai along with the TNAU faculty officials welcomed the delegates. Shri D. Anil, LDM, Madurai, NABARD Officials Shri. A. Shakthi Balan DDM- Madurai, Shri. Harish DDM-Dindigul and Er. K Ganeshmoorthy, CEO of MABIF facilitated the delegates. This visit marked a significant milestone in MABIF’s journey towards progress, collaboration, and a stronger partnership.

The day began with an air of anticipation as MABIF employees and the leadership team eagerly awaited the arrival of the government officials. The delegates and accompanying officials showed genuine interest in MABIF operations and were keen on understanding how MABIF work aligns with the government’s vision for economic growth, innovation, and job creation.

One of the highlights of the visit was a presentation delivered by MABIF-CEO, Er. K Ganeshmoorthy, and NABARD-DDM Mr. A. Shakthi Balan, provided a comprehensive overview of MABIF’s contributions to the local Farmers/FPOs/Startups ecosystem and achievements. During a roundtable discussion, topics such as regulatory challenges, investment opportunities, and potential collaborations were at the forefront of the conversation. The delegates expressed to streamline bureaucratic processes, making it easier for organizations like MABIF to thrive in a nationwide competitive startup ecosystem.

A tour of the MABIF Food Processing Centre, Food Testing Laboratory, Inhouse Incubatee offices, and Animal Feed Industry was a testament to MABIF’s commitment to innovation. The delegates emphasized the importance of innovation and Technology for the Agri and Agrarian sectors in driving the sector’s progress. The startup Interaction session provided an informal setting for networking and building rapport between MABIF incubates and the government delegation. It was an opportunity for MABIF incubatees to share their experiences, aspirations, and ideas directly with those shaping policies and regulations.

The visit concluded with a formal address by the delegates, expressing gratitude for the warm welcome and commending the MABIF’s role in contributing to the Farmers/FPOs/Startups in the Agri and Agrarian ecosystem. We wish to express our sincere appreciation and deepest gratitude to two crucial pillars of our community: the media and the police department who worked tirelessly to document the event while also ensuring the safety of all the participants. Their dedication to maintaining law and order is deeply appreciated.

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