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NABARD MABIF Webinar Friday Series!

NABARD MABIF Webinar Friday Series!

NABARD MABIF Webinar Friday Series!

We’re happy to share the success of our webinar on “Recent Trends & Opportunities in Agri-Exports” conducted by NABARD MABIF on 5th January, 2023!

Engaged Audience: A big shoutout to the 50 enthusiastic participants who joined us from diverse sectors, including startups, FPOs, entrepreneurs, and food industry enthusiasts. It was inspiring to see students actively participating and exploring the world of Agri-Exports!

Expert Insights: Special thanks to Mr. Shankaran Ramamurthy, Director, Frigoscan Post Harvest Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai, for sharing his wealth of knowledge. His expertise promised a deep dive into the dynamics of agri-exports, offering valuable insights and perspectives!

Participants’ Contribution: With a whopping 50 members in attendance, the webinar was a melting pot of ideas, discussions, and networking opportunities. The energy and enthusiasm were palpable throughout the session!

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