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“Awareness campaign on Mission LiFE

“Awareness campaign on Mission LiFE

The awareness campaign was organized by MABIF with the support of NABARD on Mission LiFE, as initiated by the Government of India. The campaign aimed to engage FPOs (Farmer’s Producer Organizations) Promoted by MABIF-CBBO under Central Sector Scheme for Formation and Promotion of 10000 FPOs from various districts including Erode, Tiruppur, Madurai, Dindigul, Tenkasi, Myladuthurai, and Nagapattinam.

The NABARD MABIF awareness campaign on Mission LiFE engaged 180 participants from 17 FPOs from various districts, fostering awareness, knowledge sharing, and commitment to the objectives of the Mission LiFE program. The participants’ pledges highlighted their dedication towards adopting sustainable practices, market-oriented approaches, and resource optimization. It is expected that the collective efforts of these FPOs will contribute to the overall success of the Mission LiFE initiative and bring about positive changes in the agricultural sector.

Objectives of the Campaign:

The NABARD MABIF awareness campaign on Mission LiFE had the following key objectives:

a) Promote awareness: Raise awareness among FPOs about the Mission LiFE initiative and its objectives.

b) Encourage participation: Encourage FPOs to actively participate in implementing the goals set forth by the Mission LiFE program.

c) Enhance knowledge: Educate FPOs on sustainable agricultural practices, modern farming techniques, and efficient resource management.

d) Foster collaboration: Facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among FPOs from different districts to create a network of support.

Campaign Activities:

The awareness campaign organized by NABARD MABIF included various activities to engage and educate the participants. These activities comprised the following:

a) Workshops and training sessions: Conducted interactive workshops and training sessions where experts shared insights on sustainable agriculture, organic farming, crop diversification, and effective utilization of resources.

b) Field visits: Organized field visits to successful FPOs and farms practicing innovative agricultural methods, allowing participants to witness first-hand the positive outcomes of adopting such practices.

c) Guest lectures: Invited experts and experienced individuals to deliver lectures on topics related to sustainable farming, marketing strategies, and post-harvest management.

d) Panel discussions: Facilitated panel discussions among FPO representatives, government officials, and subject matter experts to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and explore solutions.

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