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“உளி (Chisel) – ULI (MABIF e-Newsletter)”

“உளி (Chisel) – ULI (MABIF e-Newsletter)”

NABARD MABIF is happy to announce the launch of the first edition of the MABIF Newsletter, proudly named உளி (Chisel) – ULI. Just like a chisel shapes materials, NABARD MABIF is your tool for shaping entrepreneurial dreams. This inaugural issue marks the beginning of a Quarterly publication that will showcase the latest developments, insights, and accomplishments within the MABIF community.

In உளி (Chisel) – ULI, you can expect a curated compilation of noteworthy Events, interviews, visits and updates that reflect the vibrant and dynamic spirit of MABIF. Our team is dedicated to providing you with valuable content that highlights the innovative endeavors and achievements of our community members.

As we move forward, உளி (Chisel) – ULI will be a regular feature, released every quarter, ensuring you stay informed about the exciting happenings and progress within MABIF. We invite you to dive into the pages of our inaugural edition and explore the diverse stories that make up the fabric of MABIF.

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