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The Betterway Company

The Betterway Company

  • Founder Name Mannar Mannan Subramaniyan
  • Phone Number 9380111434


MRITSNA, 4/479-A, Agathiar Nagar, Nagamalai, Madurai – 625019

MABIF - Advantage

Let’s transform the world together


MABIF provides state-of-the-art infrastructure to support your agribusiness ventures.

Capacity Building

We offer comprehensive programs for capacity building to enhance your business skills and knowledge.

Technical Mentoring

Benefit from our technical mentoring services to navigate the complexities of agribusiness.

Business Mentoring

Our business mentoring helps you develop strategic insights and practical solutions for your enterprise.

24/7 Support

We offer round-the-clock support to address your queries and assist in your agribusiness journey.


Access to funding is vital for growth, and MABIF helps in connecting you with potential investors and financial resources.