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MSME - “Intellectual Property Facilitation Center” has helped M/s. Durmeric Naturaceuticals Private Limited for registration of Trademark (DURMERIC) within the period of SIX months.

M/s. Durmeric Naturaceuticals Private Limited has approached MABIF – IPFC for Trademark Registration on 27.10.2020 and the same has been facilitated on 29th of the same month.

The Trademark “DURMERIC” has been granted under Trademark Act, 1999 by The Trademark Registry on 29th April 2021. MABIF – IPFC also supports the reimbursement of up to Rs.10,000 towards Registration of Trademark.

DURMERIC is now the intangible asset of M/s. Durmeric Naturaceuticals Private Limited and enjoy the exclusive rights. Trademark Protection lasts for 10 years and then it can be renewed.

Till Now! MABIF “Intellectual Property Facilitation Center’’ has applied for 47 Trademark to Our Stakeholders.

To protect your brand and register your logo or other forms contact. Vinoth Rajendran - 8438218319 Vasanthraj S - 8825787922

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