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TAN 90 - MABIF Incubatee

Cold chain ensures that perishable products are safe and of high quality at the point of consumption. This also increases customer satisfaction and the income of producers and other businesses active in the market of perishable products. One such solutions from our incubatee, TAN90 Thermal solutions which targets farmers friendly cost-effective and energy-efficient cold storage solutions such that TAN 90 - Portable Cold Storage is a portable box which is easy to store fruits and vegetables, milk sachets and other perishables and easy to transport from one place to other by using the natural cooling technology with thermal batteries. They have a portfolio of 6 products designed specifically for different perishables. For more information, contact Mr.Gurushankar (99428 85642) or write to gurushankar@mabif.com with cc to ceo@mabif.com. Visit their website here: https://www.tan90thermal.com/

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