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Shapers Design Studios (MABIF incubatee)

Shapers Design Studios, an incubatee of MABIF involves in the innovative designing for Product Packing within the budget. Now-a-days, Packaging has become extension of the brand. The packaging design reflects the brand identity and brings the brand to life - from the visual appearance and feel of the packaging to its function and sustainability.

They also involved in the sustainable packaging, which can reduce the brand’s environmental footprint over time. MABIF had connected few startups and FPOs to the M/s. Shapers Design Studio and received good feedback. Startups and others stakeholders who consider packaging as an element of branding has numerous potentials to make products distinguishable from the competition and to strengthen their attractiveness. For more information, contact Mr. Gurushankar (99428 85642) or write to gurushankar@mabif.com with cc to ceo@mabif.com

Their Package Designs as Follows:

1. Glass Bottle Package design 2. Eco Friendly Package Design 3. Paper tube package design 4. Metal Tin Package Design 5. Cloth Package Design 6. Folded Box Package Design 7. Stand-up Pouch Package Design 8. Window Folded Box Design 9. Corrugated Box Package Design

Visit Shapers Design Studios website here, http://shapersstudios.in/

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