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"Seventh Batch of One Day Capacity Building and Hands-on Training Program"

Updated: Feb 8

MABIF organised the Seventh Batch of “One Day Capacity Building and Hands-on Training Program on Business Model Development for NABARD supported FPOs” at AC&RI, Madurai. BoDs and CEOs, Farmers from Kodai Hill Collective Farming Producer Companyand Vinayaka Collective Farming Producer Company have participated in this training program.

MABIF Incubatees 1.M/s Growix Agroteq 2.M/s PayAgri Innovations Ltd 3.M/s GFIA Farm Service 4.M/s Sky Bio Care 5.M/s Damila 6.M/s Aurophyll Ltd 7.M/s Sathyam Bio had explained Products and Services to the participants.

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