Prof. S Ayyappan, NABARD Chair professor visited MABIF and interacted with MABIF clients and deliberated the following with MABIF and its clients.

Every year, hundreds of Agri-startups have started to attract investments in millions from investors across the world, which create new jobs and services, and play a significant role in shaping the rural economy and the lives of citizen throughout the nation. Agri-start ups face different challenges due to their unique characteristics in dealing with different set of problems in an ecosystem which changes with every degree of latitude. In order to promote Startup India in general and Agri-Startups in particular, it is important to spread the start up ecosystem throughout the entirety of the Nation to ensure its resilience.

In recent years, there has been a clear trend of growth in the volume of activity of start-up companies, which are growing in impressive numbers each year in India

Together they complement one another with their mixed variety of skills and can work together to achieve the greatest results. Hence, integration is in the best interest of strengthening the companies involved and furthermore strengthening the nation. Further, delivery of several products and services in farming sector can be fast tracked with self-certification, with local validation. The FICCI model is suggested to federate associations of Agri-Start Ups, region-wise, commodity-wise and so on.

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