MABIF's Jallikattu - 2019

"MABIF's Jallikattu - 2019" held at AC & RI, Madurai.

MABIF heartily thanks the participants from across the state and congratulate the winners & participants of the event.

MABIF heartily thank our Panel members

1) Mr. Sivarajah Ramanathan, CEO, Nativelead, 2) Mr. V. R. Muthu, CEO, B-Grow services, 3) Mr. R. Rajesh, CEO, EDII-PHBIF, 4) Dr. K. Senthil, Asst professor 5) Mr. Dinesh Sundaravel, Coordinator, University Innovation cluster, 6) Mr. R. Santhosh, Business Manager, EDII-PHBIF and Chief Guest Mr. Suraj Velshankar, Managing partner, SVS for making this event a successful one.

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