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MABIF Incubatee - M/s Damila

Solar Drying is a traditional method of drying which utilizes the solar energy to dry especially the food. This method of drying reduces the contamination factors where the products are free from pests and dust particles. Thereby, the optimum temperature & ventilation of the drying process results in better quality food products and also fetches the good prices.

One such Incubatee of MABIF is M/s Damila, who manufactures variety of snacks like Honey Banana, Chocolate Banana, Mixed Fruits and nuts, Choco Nuts, Honey Amla, Tomato flakes, Dried - Banana, Green Chilli, Pineapple, onion, garlic and ginger using the solar drier. For more information, contact Mr. Gurushankar (99428 85642) or write to with cc to

Video link: Visit Damila website here,

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