MABIF Incubatee - Green Pod Labs

MABIF Incubatee -Green Pod Labs are currently looking for a contract manufacturer to scale up their production. The potential contract manufacturer should have a homogenizer and dryer (over <65*C) to produce their product.

Contract Manufacturing Requirements:

Executive Summary: GreenPod Labs is an Agri-biotech company developing sustainable solutions to minimize agricultural food waste in India. They have developed an active packaging sachet that can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables throughout the supply chain.

Solution: They have developed an active packaging sachet that can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. The product comprises of nano-encapsulated plant extracts that can naturally activate a defense mechanism within a fruit or vegetable to slow down the ripening rate and minimize the microbial attack.

Background: The company is looking to scale up the product production with a potential contract manufacturer. The product production involves the three process below:

Production of nano-emulsion, our active ingredient and plant polymer must be mixed with water to produce the emulsion solution. Production of nano-encapsulates, the emulsion solution must be dried at a temperature of 60-65*C for 14 hours to produce the encapsulates. Packaging in sachets, the formed encapsulates must be packed inside small sachets.

Manufacturing Requirement: The volume required for the mixer - Large scale mixer with a volume of 2000 Litres The volume required for the dryer - Dry air oven or evaporator or low temperature drying with a volume of at least a volume of 1500 Litres. Drying temperature required - 600C to 650C Packaging requirement - Packing the powders in small sachets. Later, sachets packed inside small pouches Quality requirement - (GMP, Preferred) ISO Potential manufacturer - Pharmaceutical and food products. making, Pine Apple Squash making, Amla Squash Making.

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