MABIF hands to Kani Tribes !

Kani tribes who lives in and around Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR) and Servalar dams in the Western Ghats and they cultivate pepper, tapioca, Kandaari chilly, Kodam puli (tamarind), gooseberry, jackfruit, lemon and collect minor forest produce such as honey. They sell these products to the public, particularly to traders in the plains. They produce organically cultivated products and sell them to small groups. High-value goods are getting minimum returns due to lack of proper marketing.

MABIF had designed the logo and arranged eco-friendly packing material for the tribal peoples. The tribal were not in a position to arrange the same, MABIF through its network arranged the printed packing materials at a price less than market price. The new packing has been test marketed among the existing and new customers . The feedback from customer has been incorporated; moreover, MABIF shall design packings based on the customer segments targeted. The left one was past retail packing, right one is MABIF intervention. MABIF is also in process of designing packing and labelling of Honey products.

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