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M/s 33 herbals

A healthy lifestyle keeps you fit, energetic and at reduced risk for disease. It is not only about avoiding diseases but also physical, mental and social well being. Herbal products play a vital role in salutary aspects to mankind. One of our incubatee, M/s “33 Herbals” is the well-known firms, indulged in offering a broad series of products such as manufacturer and wholesaler of :

Herbal Juice Herbal Powder Diabetic Supplements Herbal Syrup etc.

These products are highly used in the market for their purity, long shelf life, precise in terms of composition, safe to use, and free from contaminants and low prices.

Herbal juice products like Horse gram juice, Wild Amla juice, Fig juice, Karela Jamun juice, Banana stem juice, Aloe vera juice, etc,. Herbal syrups products like Vasaka Tulasi syrup, Dates syrup, Fig honey syrup. Herbal powder products include Kabasura kudineer, Nilavembu Kudineer, Vaadhasura Kudineer, Triphala powders with their brand name “33 Herbals”

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