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Incubatee of MABIF, M/s Thean Ee is Hiring!

Job Title: New Product (Food) Development Specialist

Role & Responsibilities:

Provide technical leadership for innovation and renovation projects for Pregnant Women, Babies, and Adults. This role serves as the technical and project management lead on project teams.

Develop new products across multiple product categories and throughout all phases of product development – from initial bench development to commercial launch, while considering critical technical issues such as food safety, food stability, shelf-life, scalability, cost, nutritional and ingredient guidelines, Packaging, etc...

Solve complex technical challenges related to the development, manufacturing, and/or improvement of food products and processes and make appropriate technical recommendations Perform product & process development activities to achieve project goals and deadlines.

Prepares accurate and timely specifications for all products developed. This includes: materials, formula, process, and finished product with little to no guidance.

Write technical and project status reports, protocols, finished product specifications, plant trial protocol/summary documents, shelf-life studies, etc.

Continuous improvement of technical skills and personal development, while growing internal and external networks.


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Food Science & Nutrition or a similar field required.

0-3 years of experience in the Food & Beverage industry, ideally in product development, nutrition, quality assurance, or food manufacturing preferred.

Extensive Knowledge of Food Nutrition (Esp. Millets, vegetables, Fruits, & Milk) & Dietetics system.

Strong understanding of food chemistry, carbohydrates, powders, product formulation and development, ingredient technology, food safety, and quality systems.

Knowledge of food and beverage raw materials, food packaging materials, food additives, and allergens. Knowledge of Microsoft suite (Excel, Word, Office, PPT)

Salary Range: From Rs 12,000/month to Rs 20,000/month. After 6 month up to Rs 30,000/month based on performance.

Send your resume (In PDF Format) to

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