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Co-creation of product - Pay Agri & Thangabhoomi FPC

Pay Agri, an in-house of incubatee of MABIF (Room No: 15) and another in-house incubatee Thangabhoomi FPC (Room No: 4) has entered into a co-creation of product by strategically utilising the infrastructure, manpower and time of FPC by the Startup and created two branded “Ranees Masala” and “Golden Earth”.

The FPC has machineries underutilized and lacked working capital to run the unit. Payagri has invested raw material procurement, creation of brand, protection of brand, packing, labelling and buyback the product from FPC. The model was a forward step to realize the potential of FPC and officials from NABARD appreciated the approach, which is sustainable and scalable.

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