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"Authoor Vetrilai Receives Geographical Indication (GI) Certification in Tuticorin District"

NABARD MABIF play a momentous role in the successful application and acquisition of the Geographical Indication (GI) Tag for Authoor Vetrilai in the Tuticorin district. NABARD along MABIF organized an event dedicated to the issuance of the GI Certification for Authoor Vetrilai. This event was held exclusively for association members within the Tuticorin District, celebrating their dedication and the recognition of Authoor Vetrilai as a unique and culturally significant product of the region.

Thiru. R.K. Suresh Ramalingam, AGM, NABARD, Tuticorin, extended a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests and participants. During his engaging welcome address, he elaborated on the various GI products that have already been granted, those currently in the process, and those that have been successfully registered. In addition, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to NABARD MABIF for their effective role in facilitating the GI Tag process.

Dr. K. Senthil Raj, an esteemed IAS officer and the District Collector of Tuticorin, delivered a valuable address highlighting the uniqueness of the betel vine in the context of historical references, specifically mentioning its mention in the Marco Polo Gazette. His address likely provided valuable historical context and significance to the betel vine in the region, emphasizing its enduring legacy and contribution to the cultural and economic heritage of Tuticorin. Smt. Kanimozhi Karunanidhi, MP graced the event as the chief guest and shared valuable insights on the significance of Geographical Indications (GI). She adored GI recognition as a badge of honor for a product, emphasizing the joy of discovering a product's origin and cultural importance. She underscored the vital role that betel vine plays in the daily lifestyle and traditions of our society. She particularly highlighted the unique characteristics of Authoor Vetrilai, such as the betel leaf’s high moisture content and lengthy stalk, which set it apart from others. In conclusion, she encouraged everyone to support and promote GI products, expressing her best wishes to all those involved in this commendable endeavor.

Following the positive start, the event continued with a valuable knowledge-sharing session of the dignitaries, Mr. C. Dinesh Kumar, IAS, Corporation Commissioner, Tuticorin, Shri. Balaji Saravanan, Superintendent of Police, Tuticorin. Thiru. P. Jegan, the Honorable Mayor of Tuticorin, Tmt. A. Brahma Sakthi, President of the Panchayat Union, Thiru. Thackeray Subham Rao, Additional Collector, Thiru. S. Ajay Seenivasan, District Revenue Officer, Thiru. P. Vijayakumar, the District Lead Bank Manager, Tuticorin, Thiru. P. Sanjay Gandhi, the GI Nodal Officer, whose presence added a depth significance to the event.

Event Highlights:

The event emphasized the importance of:

● Increasing Authorized User Filings for GIs

● Exploring Additional GI Tags in Tamil Nadu

Over 200 officials and participants, including representatives from NABARD, GI Association, farmers and authorized users, actively participated in this significant gathering.

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