Industries that are into various core manufacturing sectors are interested in entering the food manufacturing sector and make value-added products from farm produce. On the other hand, farmers are clueless on the industries that may be interested in directly buying their produce and vice-versa from industries engaged in the production of value-added agricultural products. To bridge the gap, the Madurai District Tiny and Small Scale Industries Association (MADITSSIA) had organisied a four-day AgroTech expo at Tamukkam ground from September 21 to 24. AGRO TECH 2018 EXHIBITION is a meeting point for the Industries, Farmers, Government, Policy Makers, Media & Other stakeholders to share knowledge, discuss problems and presenting solutions for the exponential growth of the Agriculture. The prime objective of organizing an exhibition is to realize the needs & challenges of the industry and joining hands together to find innovative solutions for these problems. MABIF participated all the four days and explained about its service to respective stakeholders

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