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Madurai Agribusiness Incubation Forum (MABIF) is a collaborative initiative of NABARD & TNAU aimed at promoting Agribusiness in Southern Tamil Nadu. MABIF seeks to transform rural areas by creating administrative units with a 75 km radius, focused on agribusiness development.

MABIF envisions establishing the first seamlessly integrated agribusiness incubator with network linkages to the food value chain. It aims to position South Tamil Nadu as a leader in India’s food processing sector, incubating world-class agribusiness enterprises

The mission of MABIF is to create a hub for innovative agricultural and agribusiness solutions. This includes developing top-tier infrastructure, knowledge, human resources, and a competitive yet cooperative culture.


Testimonials from our Startups

Read what our startups are saying about MABIF.

We express our thanks to MABIF for their incredible support, which has been a valuable input in our journey. Their hands-on guidance and collaborative spirit have been a key driver in successfully reaching the market. We deeply appreciate the pivotal role MABIF has played in our progress.
Sathya Chenduran M
TOOZ Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd
MABIF's crucial lab support not only showcases their dedication to innovation but also plays a key role in improving and validating our revolutionary solutions. Beyond that, MABIF stands as a pillar of emotional support, recognizing the passion and dreams fueling our venture.
Subramanian Mannarmannan
Durmeric Naturaceuticals Private Limited
With MABIF's support, we've not only developed a successful brand but also created a movement—a movement towards healthier living, sustainable practices, and women empowerment. The unwavering support, guidance, and resources provided by MABIF have been instrumental in shaping NATFOO into what it is today. The emotional support provided by MABIF has been the driving force during moments of uncertainty, reinforcing our belief in our mission.
Varietas Green Energy Private Limited
MABIF has been more than a collaborator; they have been our pillars of strength, guiding us through challenges and celebrating our victories. Their expertise and resources have played a pivotal role in the evolution of Shadvik Nutri Best. The journey of Millet "n" Minutes would not have been as enriching and impactful without the holistic support provided by MABIF.
D Subhasini Sowdambiga
Shadvik Nutri Best Private Limited
We, as a budding startup, were greatly inspired and supported by NABARD's MABIF initiative. The entire MABIF team played a pivotal role in nurturing our growth and empowering us to embark on a transformative journey in the field of Plant based innovations. At every juncture, they provided invaluable guidance and unwavering support, helping us lay a strong foundation for our venture. Today, as we continue our intensive research in plant-based nutrition, we owe much of our success and progress to the steadfast backing of MABIF. Our initial funding, which was instrumental in kickstarting our venture, was provided by MABIF. This partnership has been instrumental in our journey, and we look forward to achieving even greater milestones with their continued support.
Nutrigenetics Life Science.
Thanks to the support from MABIF, we've transformed paddy into a diverse range of rice types, including rice flour and porridge flour. MABIF's machine support has been instrumental in our ability to innovate and diversify our product range. From rice processing to ice cream crafting, their assistance has paved the way for our success. We owe a great deal of gratitude to MABIF for being a vital part of our journey and for their ongoing support as we continue to explore new horizons in the food industry.
Arul Prakasam
Yermunai Organic Products Private Limited.
Our culinary journey has been greatly enriched by the support of MABIF. Their assistance has played a pivotal role in the development and success of our products. From guidance on innovative processing technologies to valuable insights into market trends, MABIF has been an essential partner in our growth. We extend our deepest gratitude to MABIF for their unwavering support.
Southern Foods & Sweets
MABIF's support has been instrumental in every step of our journey, from the initial stages of cultivation to the establishment of our private limited company. Their guidance, resources, and strategic assistance have played a crucial role in turning Vibis Honey into a successful and sustainable enterprise.To MABIF, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for being a pillar of support in our entrepreneurial journey.
Vibis Honey
With the support of MABIF Industries, we undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a single outlet to a thriving chain of five outlets in Madurai. The impact of MABIF's support has been pivotal in propelling Kanmani to new heights, solidifying its position as a top-level enterprise in the region.
Kanmani Dairy and Agro Foods
MABIF, through its equipment and consultation support, has been instrumental in shaping our commitment to quality and innovation. Our Millet Chocoballs and Millet Brittles, cherished for their taste and nutritional value, stand as a testament to the collaborative success achieved through our partnership with MABIF.
Sundari Raju
Farmerette & Health Foods
MABIF has been a guiding force for Eat and Great, offering not just marketing consultation but also crucial equipment support. The collaboration has not only fueled the production of the millet poori but has also paved the way for its successful export to the USA. The millet poori, now gracing tables across the globe, serves as a testament to the synergy between culinary innovation and the strategic support provided by MABIF.
EatnGreet Foods Private Limited
MABIF's role in Cup Time's growth transcends the conventional, encompassing a comprehensive array of support. Through strategic marketing initiatives, innovative business ideas, and insightful consultations, MABIF has been a driving force behind Cup Time's ability to navigate the complexities of the market and carve a niche in the competitive beverage industry.
Prabaharan Venugopal
Cup Time
MABIF becomes a cornerstone for the substantial growth witnessed by Ranis Cattle Feed. The utilization of state-of-the-art equipment from MABIF not only enhances efficiency but also propels the company into a realm of expanded production and product diversity. The 28 types of cattle feed and 58 millet-based products become a testament to the synergy between innovation and support facilitated by MABIF.
Rani's Animal Feed
The facilitation of global exports by MABIF opens doors to international consumers seeking nutritious and sustainable alternatives. In addition, MABIF's contribution doesn't stop at logistics; it includes insightful training programs that equip the company with the knowledge and skills essential for navigating the complexities of the global market.
Mahasakthi Natural Healthy Foods Private Limited.
MABIF's role surpasses conventional support; it becomes a dynamic force fostering connections and amplifying the reach of Classic Chettinadu's versatile mixes. The brand's commitment to excellence is not only reflected in their products but also in the collaborative endeavors facilitated by MABIF.
Lakshmi Venkatesh
Classic Chettinadu
MABIF's involvement goes beyond a mere partnership; it becomes a cornerstone for Hermet Nutrixcs' success. MABIF's support becomes the catalyst for overcoming challenges, providing guidance, and fostering an environment conducive to growth and developing our product using BSF.
Syed Nawaz
Hermet Nutrix
Our global footprint extends to 13 countries, marking an impressive journey of export success. At the heart of this accomplishment stands MABIF, a steadfast pillar of support that has been instrumental in the brand's expansive growth. The collaborative spirit with MABIF becomes a beacon illuminating the path of global culinary excellence, where each ready-to-eat item carries not just flavors but the essence of a shared success story.
Ram Mohan
Cholanadu Sorudaithu Foods India Private limited
For B&B Organics, the collaboration with MABIF goes beyond conventional support; it becomes a catalyst for innovation and investment. The rigorous process of registration and certification, guided by MABIF's expertise, not only ensures compliance but also opens doors for expanded market reach and consumer trust.
B&B Organics
Our partnership with MABIF becomes a journey of growth and empowerment for Tera Ventura Agro & Textiles. Through MABIF's guidance, the company not only navigates the intricacies of the market but also gains a strategic edge in terms of compliance and industry standards.
Vettrimani SV
TeraVentura Agro & Textiles Private Limited
Our partnership with MABIF is not just a collaboration; it's a testament to the commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards. With MABIF's guidance, Lemurian Foods Ventures has recently expanded its footprint by inaugurating a dedicated dry fish showroom in the vibrant city of Madurai.
Krishna Swamy
Lemorium Ventures Private Limited
MABIF's support transcends mere assistance; it becomes a cornerstone for the brand's commitment to health, flavor, and community well-being. In this culinary journey, the unwavering support of MABIF has been a guiding force, fostering innovation and sustainable practices.
Mahesh Alagiri
Sri Sai Industries
Reflects on the emotional journey of their traditional cattle feed venture. MABIF's steadfast support becomes a symbol of shared dreams and the empowerment of local endeavors, weaving a tapestry of success and gratitude that resonates far beyond the fields of Thozhuvam.
J. Suresh kannan
Thozhuvam Farmer Products Company Limited

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Membership categories at MABIF include options for FPO’s/Individual Farmers, Start-ups/SME/NGO, and MNC`s/Others, with varying annual fees​. MABIF provides a comprehensive range of incubation services, from technological assistance and networking opportunities to business mentoring, financial guidance, and market linkages. We’re dedicated to nurturing the growth of agribusiness startups.

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